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The Plane Facts Jan./Feb. 2013

The Plane Facts
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Dear Friends,

            A great group of guys from the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, a denomination we hadn't previously met, came last month to do a short term missions project. There were 9 of them in all; a missionary, a dairy farmer, a pastor, an airline pilot, and a builder with his 12 year old son, among others! They pushed out the plane and invaded our little hangar with drills, welders, cut-off saws and other noise making tools. They then began to pre-fabricate a steel water tower to be taken out to the Indigenous Atschuar village of Chinkianentza. It all had to be flown in sections, not more than 8 feet long.  
            In the 80's, long before his village had running water, we had met Guillermo Chinkiam (the chief) while walking on the trail with his wife and family. Although he couldn't speak Spanish, somehow we communicated that we would go and show the "Jesus Film" to his people. Our son Freddie, who was only about 11 at the time, was with us on that trip and I remember him crying; "Dad, I can't do this anymore!"(as I poured the water out of his boots and wrung out his socks for the umpteenth time!). Chinkianentza now has a strong church with a number of believers and a nice long runway! Praise the Lord!!
            The response to last month's mention of possibly returning to the US to recruit missionaries was overwhelming!  One dear brother even wrote and said, "If you can use me, please count me in. I'm ready to go to Ecuador." So it seems to me that the dots are beginning to line up for us to move to a grass strip somewhere in the States. I'm almost ready to put out the "For Sale" sign, but Sharon doesn't feel peace about my sign idea. She believes that we should do everything in our power to see that this little operation stays in the Lord's service. Of course she's right! The opportunity for ministry here is incredible!
            In years gone by you used to get a family picture from us yearly…back in the days when we could dress the kids up, comb their hair and tell them to stand up straight and smile, but that was a while ago.  We recently sent a "hard copy" snapshot to some of you who still receive a paper copy of our prayer letter. Above you'll see one of us taken at our 45th Wedding Anniversary Celebration last July. The kids are in order of age from left to right: Ricky, Jon, Christina, Freddie, Joshua and Joel.  We could all use your prayers…especially the couple sitting in the front row.  And btw we really appreciate those prayers.  Prayer is the best investment any of us can make.  Thank you soo much!

Love like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon
PFC-PO Box 3298
Paradise, CA 95967

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