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The Plane Facts-Oct./Nov. 2012

The Plane Facts
                              Oct./Nov. 2012
Dear Family and Friends,
            As you might remember from previous letters, there are frequent requests here for English lessons. A few months back, we shared the cost with Andy and Priscilla D’Varga to buy Level 1 of Rosetta Stone-English. It can be installed on two computers and then anyone who wants to “sign in” can have a couple of hours of English classes. We’ve had a few “takers” since we’ve had it, but no one has come back to actually finish Level 1 yet.
            A few days ago, I arrived home and was told that there was someone waiting on the back porch who wants to learn English. I went back to see who our visitor was and to my surprise, it was Nelly a gal we’ve worked with before and who prayed to receive the Lord with me a couple years back. We greeted each other warmly and sure enough she is now studying at the local University and needed help with her English for that evening. She liked Rosetta Stone and was happy to began her “class” here. Her real purpose for coming (according to her) was to get help for her class at the U that night. I'm sure the Lord brought her by for other reasons. Now that she needs help with English, her frequent visits will allow God's real purpose to be fulfilled in her. Please pray for her spiritual growth.
            Another very exciting happening around here is Rick's distribution of the New Testaments out in the jungle villages. He loves the opportunities that arise with the NTs readily available. Many schools in the deep jungle have been blessed with the little blue books, the Word of God! This week, along with some of the other Gideons, he'll be going on a two hour road trip to distribute in 4 or 5 schools along the way. Local hospitals and the jail in Puyo have also been "targets" for distribution. Praise the Lord!!
            In my "little world", Shell Christian Preschool is going great and also the Bible Club we have once a week (about 25 in attendance) is showing some lasting fruit. The 4 I have in preschool love the play time, Bible stories, songs, crafts and whatever else presents itself each day. We'll be finishing the Creation story in a couple of weeks and that will lead us right into some special things for Thanksgiving and then the Christmas story. I'm so grateful for mothers and also a young college student who come to help with crafts, story timr and some of the lessons (ie. shapes and colors). Each day is full of surprises!!
            On my days off, I'm trying to keep up on the paper work for Aeroley (the name of the company we had to form in order to continue flying). It doesn't seem as though we should have a whole lot of filing, filling out of forms and accounting to do for one little Cessna 172 but, believe me, it keeps Rick and me both quite busy.
            A great surprise for us this last month was a visit from Joel. He actually came with a group of about 10 men who worked on a helicopter that had suffered a fire in the cabin. Our time with him was limited but it was wonderful to have him close by and get to share some evening meals together.
            We want to wish you a very HAPPY, BLESSED THANKSGIVING and please know...
Love and Blessings,
Rick and Sharon
PFC-PO Box 3298
Paradise, CA 95967-3298

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