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The Plane Facts-Nov./Dec. 2013

The Plane Facts
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Dear Friends,

One BIG blessing we gained from being with our family last month is that our prayer letter will now be mailed to you by our granddaughter!  Liane is only 15 years old, but trust me, she’s God’s girl and more than capable for the job.  The first thing she did was to teach us to use “Google Docs”.  We won’t be able to write hand written personal notes on the letters any more, but Sharon and I promise to write postcards and emails.  Please make sure we have your e-mail address. Thanks a lot, Liane.  You’re making it easier for us!

We recently asked you to pray for Maranantha, a Cuban-American church in Miami. Well, God sent their pastor David Monduy (his website: bit.ly/18FvssS) and their missions director to check out buying or renting our house.  They want it to be used by the new missionary family soon to come to Shell from Havana, Cuba.  The two men also spent 5 days in the jungle encouraging the churches we have helped start and, praise the Lord they really seemed to connect well with our new pilot Br. Juan Carrillo.  Please keep up the prayer; it looks like God’s at work.

Sharon and I, along with two other Gideons carried out a “Blitz” in Tena this past Sunday and Monday.  We gave out over 4,000 New Testaments in schools, hospitals, hotels and jails.  One of the highlights for me was meeting an older Italian monsignor.  I got to give him my testimony about how I received a New Testament in 9th grade while studying with Franciscan priests after Vatican II.  He gave us permission to distribute in his High School of 1,200 students and it was totally phenomenal! The Holy Spirit just filled those minutes with the students in each of the classrooms.

Sharon’s need for back surgery has been sufficiently confirmed to us.  We have prayed much about it and the vertebrae have moved since the last MRI and she is now in danger of losing feeling in her legs.  We are praying whether to have the operation done here or in the States.  It looks like the cost should not be a problem, but we pray God will positively control the results.  Please pray with us.

Give God thanks in everything,
Rick and Sharon

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