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News from July and August 2012

The Plane Facts
               July/August 2012 

Dear Ones,

            This month has been one of the best of my life so far. The Vero Beach Central Assembly team was here for 7 days. It's difficult to express the incredible blessing they were to so many people during their short visit. Around 700 children were ministered to during the VBS sessions and approximately 500 adults in the evening services. They came prepared with wonderful Bible stories for the kids. The young ones were wide eyed as they watched Daniel get thrown into the lions den, Esther courageously risking her life to save her people and David killing Goliath. The main theme of the Vacation Bible School lessons was "Jesus is Our Super Hero". The songs and worship dance brought tears to many eyes as the group shared with so much love and tenderness.

            For "Miracle Night" (Sunday-July 15th), we joined together with the prayer group from our local church and were part of leading several people to the best miracle of all……receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. There was a huge crowd at church that night and each one who went forward received a time of personal prayer and blessing. Language didn't seem to be a barrier as the group from Vero Beach prayed along side of the church folks. Thank you for everything, Pastor Larry and team, thank you!

            As you can imagine, the days were busy with the Florida team here and each morning I was hurrying to get ready to meet the group to begin our day of ministry. One morning, as I was just getting out of the shower, two ladies came to the gate. It was a mother and her daughter. The mom told Rick that the young girl (about 13) wanted to know God. Rick called to ask me to talk to them. Sure enough, that young lady was like ripe fruit ready to fall off the tree. We shared the Gospel message and she gave her life to Jesus. What a wonderful sight to see Melina's smile and that mom just beaming with happiness to see her daughter come to that point in her life. It was well worth it to be running a bit late that morning.

            When the Florida team left, I went into "full preparation mode" for the arrival of our family. The gang began to arrive on July 25th.  These last 6 days have been so full of love and laughter. It's amazing to see how the Lord worked out all the details for this reunion. It's been over 16 years since we have all been in the same place at one time. When I think back on our wedding day it seems like such a short time ago but seeing everyone here and reminiscing, I realize SO much has happened in these 45 years. Thank you, Lord and praise Your Holy Name for Rick and our family!

            Please continue to pray for all of us. Thank you for standing with us. We wouldn't be here without your love, prayers and support. You are greatly appreciated!

Love and blessings,
Rick and Sharon
PFC-PO Box 3298
Paradise, CA 95967

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