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The Plane Facts-Oct./Nov. 2011

The Plane Facts Oct./Nov.2011

Dear Ones,

This letter has to begin with a huge PRAISE THE LORD!! All of the paper work has been submitted, tests taken, inspections done and starting today (Oct. 19th) Rick and Joel will be able to fly. As I re-read some of our letters that we've sent over the past two years, we've continually asked for prayer for the airplane situation. Thank you for standing with us financially, with encouraging words and most importantly, by praying. God is good and faithful, all the time!!

The first week in Oct. about 250 children heard the Good News as Debbie, Anna and I shared God's love at our Shell Kids Club, Casa de Fe Orphanage, our Sunday school and also during a two day Bible school at the Puyo church. Debbie is our daughter in law, the wife of our son Rick who pastors in Florida. Her love for kids, home schooling experience with their three girls, Bible background and talent for telling stories with very few props or extras, made our time together so much fun and a blessing to many. One of the best parts of the whole week was that, as a pastor's daughter born in Cuba, Debbie is totally bilingual so I didn't even have to translate!

Anna, who came with Debbie, is a member of their church in Port St. Lucie and very interested in doing orphanage work. Her time at Casa de Fe really cemented her love and desire to dedicate more time in the future to that type of work. Thank you, Port St. Lucie Community Church, for sending these two precious ladies to bless us and to bless all those children this month!!

Recently, I checked out some websites that have information on the meaning and origin of Halloween. Here is a short list (there are many, many more) of the ones I took the time to watch and read. 1) "Jeremiah Films-Halloween: Trick or Treat?-Part 1" 2) "Halloween-Not So Innocent After All!" 3) "The Dark Truth about Halloween" and "The Dark Truth about Halloween-Part 2". These three are YouTube presentations. "Halloween: What You Should Know about It" is an excellent short read in a PDF format. As usual, Satan tries to "trick" us into thinking that certain things, which the world condones, are ok. That is definitely not the case with Halloween. I invite you to go to at least one of the above mentioned spots and prayerfully ask the Lord how you can make a difference on October 31st.

Christians in Action will no longer be receiving gifts to be sent to us. If you'd like to donate to our ministry, please make your check out to PFC and send to PFC-PO Box 3298-Paradise, CA 95967-3298. All monies will be sent to us 100%. Thank you so much!!

Love and blessings,

Rick and Sharon

PFC-PO Box 3298

Paradise, CA 95967-3298

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