Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Plane Facts-July/Aug.2009

The Plane Facts July/August 2009

Dear Ones,

The Lord allowed me to make a short trip to Florida at the end of June. While I was gone, Rick hosted Gary Eide and team from Milwaukee, Wisconsin here in our home. Pastor Gary comes to Ecuador several times a year to preach and this time he came with a small group from his church. Gary (who is our age) is an old fashion preacher who has a heart of love as big as the sky for the people. He always has a message from God and is ready to share it on a moment’s notice. They preached in the “outback”, in the local church, in the park and bus terminal. Rick was especially impressed with the gentle spirits and Godly attitudes of the four young people who came. The whole team was a joy to have. We’re hoping God will send more people who are willing to share His Word anywhere, any time!

Family reunions and caring for grandchildren filled my days while I was on my trip. For the 4th of July, Rick’s brother, Paul had a barbeque at his house in Vero Beach, Florida. Many of our family members were there and the special opportunity for all of us was to get to know Sayid, Aya, and baby Layanna, a family from Iraq, who Paul had invited. That precious family was able to witness the love of God in action as we talked, shared a meal and cared for their beautiful baby daughter. To top the afternoon off, Paul’s daughter Anna and her husband invited us all to go next door to their house and enjoy a time in the Jacuzzi. Of course, a fireworks display was the climax to that beautiful day with family.

The original reason for making the trip to Florida was to take care of Rick and Debbie’s three girls while the two of them went on a little “get away”. That part of my trip was SO special. Liane, 11, Lilly 7 and Lindsey, almost 5, were so sweet, so caring, so loving and so helpful that the “babysitting” turned into a time of relaxation and fun for me.

I wish I could have gotten to see all of our kids while I was in the US but at least I was able to have some really, good phone chats with each of them. Christina, Mike and their four are still in Santa Barbara, CA. Chris is praising the Lord for a husband who knows how to work and provide for their family even in these difficult times. Joshua is finding that his workload is almost more than he can handle as he practices law in Jacksonville, FL. Joel continues to fly advertisement banners in northern California.

Here on the home front, Jon, Cati and Family, who are now back living in Cuenca, Ecuador are planning a trip to visit us here in the jungle at the end of July. Freddie and Sandra are busy with work and caring for their family. Their newest addition, Fred, is a very sweet, good natured, little guy. We all love having a baby to hold and cuddle.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers and gifts. We appreciate each and every one of you, MUCHO!!

Love and blessings,
Rick and Sharon

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