Friday, January 30, 2009

The Plane Facts-Jan./Feb.2009

The Plane Facts
Dear Christian Friend,
God is so good to us! After having a wonderful time in Ecuadorwith our sons and their families, we were able to find cheap tickets, rightafter Christmas, to the States to get to see the rest of our gang. It wassuch a blessing to be able to see our children, grandchildren, my brothersand Sharon's sister again. We wish we could have brought them all back toEcuador with us! Yes, God is good and His blessings are many. We continue to communicate with Johnny Venegas about his coming toEcuador. He's got his Ecuadorian pilot's license now and plans to start hisdeputation this Spring. We want to help and encourage him all we possiblycan. Would you consider helping too? We almost NEVER like to mention moneyin our prayer letters, but this time I feel we should. Sharon and I know,from personal experience, how much even a small monthly offering canencourage a missionary, especially when it comes from someone who reallycares about us and the work we are doing. Would you pray about receivingJohnny's monthly prayer letter and committing to praying for him and amonthly donation toward his support? It is still quite inexpensive to livein Ecuador, but he will have flying costs and other ministry expenses aswell. So, as a single man, we feel he will need to raise a support level ofabout $1,000 per month. Please pray with us that this level will be reachedquickly, so he can soon join the missionary team in Shell. Our mechanic and I have recently taken cylinders off the airplaneengine in hopes of discovering the cause and correcting an oil consumptionand plug fouling problem that has been developing. We’re thankful that the
situation has been solved and just in time for Pastor Gary Eide's visit.

Good things always happen when Br. Gary comes to Ecuador and
I'm reminded of the Bible truth that, "One shall chase a thousand and two
shall chase TEN thousand." It's so true that when we work togetherwith other Christians, the results are multiplied. Sharon and I ask you toforgive us for not writing personally this month, but we want to thank youfor working together with us as fellow helpers in His Kingdom. May Godreceive the glory in 2009!

Love like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon
LCC-PO Box 3298
Paradise, CA 95967-3298

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