Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Plane Facts-June/July 2008

The Plane Facts June/July 2008

Dear Ones,

Preschool Graduation was an event that I hope the kids enjoyed as much as I did. I keep telling everyone that this year was my student teaching year. As I taught, I was learning many new things as well. In the fall I’m planning to have another preschool group. This time Ecuadorian ESL 4 and 5 yr. olds will be included along with the MKs. One of the missionary moms has volunteered to help full-time. Kevin and Melisa have two children. Annie, their four year old, was one of my students in Shell Christian Preschool. Melisa always has lots of creative ideas, is a good teacher and a precious sister in the Lord. Please pray for us as we plan our next school year.

As Rick mentioned a couple of months ago, we are always blessed with lots of new people who come by either for a visit or asking for a flight. This month, Dayuma was one of our special visitors. Rick has met her on several occasions in the jungle but this was my first time. A flight that was planned with another group to take her back to Tonapade fell through, so Rick was asked if he would be able to take her in. She came early and as she waited, she visited with family and others who were here to see her off. She needed to make a last minute “stop”, so I offered to hold her sweater and walking stick. At that moment she said something to me but I really didn’t hear her clearly. She was trying to make me aware of an important thing, “There’s an animalito (small animal).” When I took the sweater to free her hands, sure enough a monkey in a jungle style, knitted bag, jumped out from under the cloth and scared me silly. I let out a yell which startled everyone and gave us all a good laugh to start our day.

The next issue with the “animalito” happened after Dayuma was already in the plane. My full attention had been on getting her in (which was no easy task) and at some point the squirrel monkey jumped behind the seat, disappeared and was no where to be found. I thought the dear lady was going to cry as we began the search for the miniature mascot. Rick kept saying, “He’ll be fine, let’s get going.” Well, Dayuma was certain that the little cutie would be squashed and arrive home ready for burial if we didn’t find him. Finally, I saw movement but it was out of my reach. So, Rick got out of the pilot’s seat, reached in, around and under the cargo to rescue our little buddy. Dayuma left with a big smile as she carried her baby on her lap.

Soon, I’ll be leaving for Pensacola Christian College to finish up my two requirements for the degree I’ve been working on for the past two years. Thank you for your prayers and please continue since I don’t have that diploma in my hands yet.

Love and blessings to all,
Rick and Sharon

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