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The Plane Facts-May/June 2008

The Plane Facts May/June 2008

Dear Friends,

Hi! This month we’d like to tell you about a man with whom we labor and share fellowship ... our pastor, Carlos Marchan. Born of a Latino father and a black mother, Carlos was raised in Esmeraldas, a coastal city, of predominantly descendants of washed ashore slaves. He first heard the Gospel at the age of 16 when missionaries from a Puerto Rico based mission-church came to his city boldly proclaiming God’s Message. They experienced a strong move of the Holy Spirit and soon began sending out their own church planting national workers. Pastor Carlos was one of them. He gladly endured persecution and beatings from his family for having accepted Christ. His father even took a gun to church to threaten the preacher.

Although he was still a young Christian, Pastor Carlos responded to God’s call to bravely go and start a church in the Ecuadorian jungle. Being from the coastal area and of a mixed racial background, things didn’t always go well for the young church planter. At one point he landed in the hospital from malnutrition which was really mostly due to low and even no financial support. However, he kept going. He didn’t give up. He prayed, knocked on doors, fasted and held nightly services… sometimes all alone. God eventually gave him his first convert and then two and then a few more. After three long years the Lord provided Carlos with (after Jesus) the best gift of his lifetime…his dear wife, Alicia.

Twenty five years have come and gone since our pastor left his home in Esmeraldas to serve God. Now, with a beautiful family and a large thriving church, one thing has proven to be absolutely true…God is faithful...and His promises are sure. One of those promises is for “HOUSES”. Carlos and Alicia are believing the Lord for that too. A year ago, on a lot donated to them by their first convert and with money God provided, they began building their very own home.

In Ecuador, houses usually aren’t built in a month or two, or even in a year or two. They go up little by little, sometimes over a long period of time, as finances permit. Last week I went to see how Pastor’s house is progressing. It’s coming along slowly. Yes, slowly, but surely! Sharon took pictures that you can check out on our website and, if anyone would like to come down and help work on the project, you would be most WELCOME! We are thankful for all the people God has connected us with over the years. Carlos and Alicia have been a great blessing to us, as have you. Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless and use you in mighty ways.

Keep loving like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon
Paradise, CA 95967

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