Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Plane Facts-March/April 2008

The Plane Facts
March/April 2008

Dear Christian Friend,
The most productive flight I’ve ever done, could have been the one we did this month. Of course, I guess that “most productive moment” in our lives could happen at any time without us even knowing it. Right?! Brother Paco Gudino a local gas station owner and Gideon, approached me a while back while I was filling up the pick-up. He asked about us doing a flight to distribute New Testaments to all of the (over 200) jungle Indian villages. Boy, did I get excited!! “Wow, I didn’t even know the Gideons existed out here, the idea really has great potential,” I thought…and sure enough…it came to pass.
Paco and another brother Hugo Morante, showed up early one morning with their boots, backpacks, a two man tent and 1000 Spanish New Testaments all ready to give away. We took off with full fuel determined to keep going until we ran out of Bibles or gasoline… which ever came first! Of course, we weren’t really going to run out of gasoline, but you know what I mean. J In village after village we got permission, then lined up all the school kids and gave the Message of Salvation and then a copy of that precious little blue book! Academic materials are scarce in the jungle, so let’s pray that the teachers will begin to use the New Testament as their Spanish Language, History, Reading…Whatever-text…just like our forefathers did.
Our plan was to hit every single village on both sides of the Pastaza River, but before we got very far we met with a torrential downpour just after landing in Kuakash. There we were, three Christian brothers trying to serve the Lord together, but we really hardly knew each other. So Father changed that by sending the rain. Sitting there in the plane, we began to share our life stories with one another, of how God got hold of each of us and came into our lives. Both Paco and Hugo had great testimonies of how the Lord turned them upside down and then upside right! When the clouds lifted, we visited 14 more villages before night fall and setting up camp in Santiak. Hey, it’s tough work this “jungle evangelism”, but like I tell lots of people with a grin…Somebody’s got to do it.
We hope all is going well for you in your part of the world’s missionfield. Be sure of one thing, it’s God who put you there, and He will accomplish His will through you as you serve Him. Thanks for letting us share together. Sharon has some great pictures on our website of her missionary kid preschoolers. One of them is our grandson Matthew. Check it out and see if you can pick which one he is.

Love like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon
LCC-PO Box 3298-Paradise, CA 95967-3298


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