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The Plane Facts-Oct./Nov. 2009

The Plane Facts Oct. /Nov.2009 http://PatriotPost.US

Good Morning,

God is so Good! The Lord has sent to Shell a young, missionary couple Gustavo and Inez Calixto and their little daughter Hanna all the way from Mexico to do Gospel Recordings! ( What a blessing they are, and will be here, among the jungle Indigenous. They distribute a handy MP3 player that has lots of memory and can download the Gospel in most any language on earth! I’ve been using one almost non-stop. You crank the (4 X 6 in.) machine for one minute and it will play with great quality and volume for about 5 minutes…then you just turn the handle again. Every Christian leader needs to have one. They cost $50.00, but they have huge potential!

The other day we were ministering with a national worker and a Shuar pastor. When we landed in one village, the two men needed to talk to the leaders, so I sat down on the tire of the airplane in the shade of the wing and began cranking the MP3 player. All the children gathered as close as they possibly could to hear the Message with the shortest kids in front and bigger ones in back. Their ears drank in the Gospel stories coming out of the “talking box”, but their little jet black eyes were riveted on me. I smiled while surveying and resurveying the group as they pressed in closer and closer. Finally, one little boy built up enough courage to feel the hair on my right arm and then began to pull. OUCH!! That emboldened another one on my left side to start touching my beard. Then laughter erupted. I thought to myself, “With all this body hair, they must think I’m something between a human and a balding albino monkey!” Don’t laugh…….Just imagine what they’d think if they saw YOU!

SHARON SAYS: “Shell Christian Preschool is sure a blessing to me and hopefully to the 11 little ones I minister to three mornings each week. This month I’d like to tell you about one little girl, in particular, who is quite an inspiration to me. Grace is a 6 yr. old from a Shuar town that can only be reached by air. She had spinal meningitis when she was about 3. When she arrived at “Casa de Fe” about 8 mos. ago, she was totally paralyzed on her left side. She could only mobilize herself by scooting with the other leg. Grace has other deformities such as fingers missing and burns. Her parents left her at the orphanage because they felt totally helpless to meet her many needs. Ever since Grace arrived there she has had the blessing of physical therapy 5 times a week and she is now able to walk and sometimes even run without anyone or anything helping her.

The special part that I want to share about Grace is her incredibly positive attitude. She falls many times during the morning at preschool. Each time, she gets up without any help and the little girl, has a smile on her precious face from ear to ear. Wow, it puts me to shame!! ‘Lord, please help me to get up every time smiling and trusting You.’ God bless you and may He help you in whatever trial you may be going through, to get up smiling and praising Him, just like little Grace.”

Love like Jesus,

Rick and Sharon

LCC-PO Box 3298

Paradise, CA 95967-3298

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