Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Plane Facts-Oct./Nov.2008

The Plane Facts Oct./Nov. 2008

Dear Christian Friend,

24 year old Johnny Venegas is from Los Angeles. He is Mexican-American and speaks Spanish very well. A graduate of SMAT, (School of Missionary Aviation Tech.) and prestigious Embry Riddle University, he is an airplane mechanic and has his Commercial Pilot’s License. His life long dream had been to fly airplanes, and then as a Christian, he wanted more than anything to become a missionary pilot. Lately God has impressed Johnny that none of that really matters and that the most important thing is to just love God and serve Him by bringing people to Jesus. Johnny wrote and asked us if he could come and help out for a month. Of course we said, “Sure!”

We could fill pages of ways our brother helped and blessed us this past month. He was unbelievable. It didn’t matter if we were pouring concrete, fixing airplanes, trying to look stuff up on the internet, or washing and drying dishes…that boy was right there. Johnny is well on his way to fulfilling Nate Saint’s quote: “A missionary must be a jack of all trades and a master of most.” Mr. and Mrs. Venegas certainly raised their son right! When he finally got on the bus for Quito to go back to the States I had that same sad empty feeling as when one of our own kids leave. Lord willing, Johnny will be back. Please pray that God will guide him. You can check out his webpage at:

Thank you for praying for Ecuador! 70% voted to accept the new constitution which many fear will open the door to legalized abortion and homosexual unions. Ominous dark clouds gather on the horizon as daily government (starting with the very rich) takes over people’s property. We are not surprised that the things we have preached about for many years are now coming to pass at an ever quickening rate. Economic woes we read about here, in the US and around the world only amplify the cry of the church, “Come Lord Jesus, come!”

We’ve had the privilege of translating for Pastor Gary Eide again this month. He’s been to Ecuador ten times now. We went everywhere, markets, parks, street corners, out in the jungle and even in church buildings preaching the Word of God. I understand better why the Lord sent His disciples out two by two…one encourages the another and we get way more done than if the two of us worked separately! I guess that’s true for you and us too. Thank you for standing with Sharon and me.

Love like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon
LCC-PO Box 3298
Paradise, CA 95967-3298

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